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SMa.r.t. Column: A Flooding Prospect

11/22/2021 9:46 AM | Margaret Fulton (Administrator)

The State and a number of cities and groups have begun organizing to deal with the looming threat of coastal flooding. The State of California now has a very informative resource website (linked at the bottom of this article). Our own city has prepared an initial set of “Adaptive Management” goals related to sea-level rise in its Climate Action and Adaptation Plan from May, 2019.  It has also prepared a hair-raising assessment of financial costs related to sea level rise that is worth close examination. It seems, however, that many of the proposals listed in Santa Monica’s action plan remain mired in inaction. Of the five major recommendations listed in the plan, besides the financial assessment, only one–Beach Nourishment & Dune Creation–has been started, and that with the leadership of The Bay Foundation, a non-profit group that helped create a beach restoration pilot project near the Annenberg about four years before it was included in the city’s Climate Action and Adaptation Plan.

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