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Are We “Shovel Ready”? SMa.r.t.

03/20/2020 10:00 AM | Margaret Fulton (Administrator)

SCAG is the county housing authority who, in sharp contrast to other cities, points to Santa Monica as being “shovel ready” to add 8,800 housing units – 20% to its population over the next 8 years. And in quick response, our “progressive” city council obediently jumps to the task – increasing height limits 2 stories, expediting project approvals by eliminating public and planning commission oversight, and ignores resident’s pleas to join adjacent cities in contesting this absurd dictum. Although there is no cost to appeal, the City Council has decided we are indeed “shovel ready,” a decision which will bury the city– our beachfront environment gone forever. Talk about runaway development – we’re opening the flood gates!

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