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SMa.r.t. Column: Needed, A Heart Transplant

09/25/2020 10:18 AM | Margaret Fulton (Administrator)

How has Santa Monica approached adaptive reuse? In the new zoning code adaptive reuse is mentioned only three times. 

The council obviously needs a ‘heart’ transplant, and with 5 seats up in November, lets help our city get that new heart! And note that all five of the existing council members running for “re-election” were not “elected” by a vote of the public for their first terms, but rather appointed by ‘friendly’ sitting Council members in mid-term appointments. However, on the ballot they receive the benefit of being identified as ‘incumbent’. It is self-perpetuating, by and for, one political party’s control in Santa Monica for the past 40 years, and look what they have done, and are doing, in over-building our beach town and seemingly blending it into Los Angeles. No to incumbents.

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