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  • 10/24/2023 8:48 AM | Margaret Fulton (Administrator)

    The Santa Monica City Council established the Housing and Human Services Department in June with the approval of the 2023-2025 biennial budget, at the same time creating a new Recreation and Arts Department — dividing the functions formerly combined under the Community Services Department.

    Among other goals, the move aimed to allow a point of organization for homelessness services and programs, enabling the city to implement programs and services that result from Measures CS and GS, which provide additional tax revenue dedicated to city efforts around affordable housing and homelessness. Averick will join the city effective Nov. 13, with an annual salary of $248,700.

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  • 10/24/2023 8:42 AM | Margaret Fulton (Administrator)

    A proposed amendment to suspend the rules dictating how a mayor is chosen could result in the election of a Councilmember other than Phil Brock in December, according to City Attorney Doug Sloan.

    But it would require several moves by the City Council before it is scheduled to vote to rubber stamp Brock's selection using a new rotating system based on seniority, according to Sloan's legal assessment issued Monday.

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  • 10/23/2023 11:58 AM | Margaret Fulton (Administrator)

    A considerable number of items are now listed on the agenda that have been carried over, including a request to support the Justice for Renters Act. The act will be before voters in the November 2024 election and would expand rent control rules throughout the state. The request comes from Davis, along with Councilmembers Caroline Torosis and Jesse Zwick.

    Advocates say repealing the law known as Costa Hawkins will help local government address one of the root causes of homelessness–skyrocketing rents and unaffordable housing. The same trio are also asking the City to support and prepare for adoption of a new rule in Sacramento that would allow homeowners to sell small accessory dwelling units separately from the main property.

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  • 10/23/2023 11:56 AM | Margaret Fulton (Administrator)

    After some discussion, the board voted unanimously to move ahead with a motion for a process of identifying a minimum of two companies to bring before the board based on staffing draft recommendation. The board will then have an opportunity to conduct any additional research and background checks before a presentation from each will be given.

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  • 10/23/2023 11:51 AM | Margaret Fulton (Administrator)

    Cypress Equity Investments has significantly expanded its housing development project on Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica. Originally slated for 71 units, the firm now envisions constructing a total of 170 units at 2501 Wilshire Boulevard, according to reports from Urbanize LA, referencing a project website.

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  • 10/23/2023 11:48 AM | Margaret Fulton (Administrator)

    As part of the resolution, the City Council would implore Douglas Emmett not to evict the tenants and use Los Angeles’ tenant habitability program for necessary repairs while temporarily relocating tenants.

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  • 10/23/2023 11:42 AM | Margaret Fulton (Administrator)

    However, under the new rule, "if two or more Councilmembers were elected at the same election, the Councilmember receiving the higher number of votes shall be considered as having served longer."

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  • 10/20/2023 9:13 AM | Margaret Fulton (Administrator)

    Santa Monica’s real estate market may have peaked recently as local realtors say the combination of high interest rates, taxes, cost of living expenses and general instability are starting to weigh the business.

    No one is predicting a real estate crash in the city by the sea, but there are early signs of a softening market with an increase in the number of days homes are for sale and fewer homes selling at or above their listed price.

    The root of the current market lethargy is a near record interest rate.

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  • 10/18/2023 9:09 AM | Margaret Fulton (Administrator)

    The Department has hired 18 new recruits so far this year, bringing the total number of officers to 2018, just ten shy of the 228 officers budgeted for the current fiscal year, said City Manager David White.

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